Meet Our Team

We are so proud of all of the staff at Wholesome Pickins! Many of them have been with us for several seasons and they each make our farm a safe and happy place!


Ally Glaves and Irene Bonnett

Best friends since they were babies can be found in the field sorting strawberries or behind the counter in the market. They are "go-to" girls and can take on any farm job! Ally has been with Wholesome Pickins for three seasons and just completed her first year at Brock University! Irene joined us last year and is wrapping up her first year of a hair dressing and esthetician course in Niagara. These girls are sure to bring a smile to your face!


The Vande Ven Girls

Breanne, Kelsey and Becca have all been employed at the farm and can do just about everything (even keep an eye on some busy toddlers!)! Kelsey is our longest serving employee and is about to start her FIFTH season!! She works hard and has learned a huge variety of jobs on the farm. She can often be found as the right hand of David or Jenn. Breanne is the newest Vande Ven addition and her smile lights up the market! She learns quickly and is happy to help our customers any way she can! Becca will not be with us this season but shared many with us - she will be starting her new career as an Registered Practical Nurse and we are so proud! The Vande Ven clan are all a joy to be around - we only wish there were more of them!



Our newest addition! She is starting up her second season with us and her friendly and outgoing personality has been a welcome addition to our market staff. Mikayla is active in dance and cheerleading and has proven she can take on anything!